Thanks to everyone who participated!

The confinement is over so the TIME TO HELP project has ended.

TIME TO HELP was a network of professionals who offered free help via videocall during the Covid-19 pandemic. This non-profit initiative attracted 109 experts from different fields including doctors, nurses, psychologists, veterinarians, scientists, engineers, lawyers, business managers, marketing experts, journalists, teachers, fitness trainers, artists and even musicians! During the hardest weeks of the confinement the project grew significantly in Spain, making an impact and attracting several newspapers that picked up the story.

Congratulations for such a collective success!
Best wishes from the TIME TO HELP team.



Solidaridad en tiempos de coronavirus: apoyo profesional por videollamada

Published on Apr 28, 2020

La plataforma Time To Help pone en contacto a todo tipo de profesionales que ofrecen apoyo gratuito a quienes lo necesiten mediante videollamada


¿Tienes tiempo para ayudar?

Published on May 15, 2020

‘Timetohelp’ es una iniciativa 100% altruista que pone en contacto voluntarios con personas necesitadas de cualquier lugar del mundo


Cómo ayudar a los demás sin salir de casa

Published on Apr 30, 2020

La plataforma Time to Help es una iniciativa solidaria entre particulares y profesionales que ofrecen su tiempo durante el confinamiento mediante videoconferencia.


“Time to help” als nostres veïns

Published on May 4, 2020

Time to Help es diferencia d’altres organitzacions que se centren en garantir un ajut físic oferint un servei de consulta pel qual un usuari pot plantejar les seves preocupacions a un professional telemàticament

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